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Why are Teen Drivers so Expensive?


Adding a teen driver to an auto policy can be a challenging a time. Not only are parents anxious about their teen's driving safety - they frequently suffer from "sticker shock" when faced with the associated premium increase.

The reality is that teen drivers are very expensive to insure. But why? Below is a look at how teens drive these days. This information gives us a better understanding of the risks teen drivers pose.

To help ease the pain point of the associated teen driver rate increase, some things you could consider:

  • Encourage your driver to strive to earn or maintain a 3.0 GPA to qualify for Good Student Discounts. According to statistics, strong performance in school is correlated to better decisions on the road. This can save up to several hundred dollars per year, depending on insurance company, type of vehicle, etc.
  • Help establish clear expectations, rules, and responsibilities with your teen before they hit the road. Download a sample Parent-Teen Driving Contract here.
  • If the driver is not furnished with their own primary vehicle, rates are more favorable if they are an occasional driver.
  • If they need a primary vehicle, consider having the young driver use a moped or a vehicle that doesn't require physical damage coverage in order to save on premiuim.
  • Schedule a file review with us at Dave Wittmann Insurance Agency to make sure all your coverage discounts are in line.

Of course, there is no "one size fits all" solution, as we know no two families or budgets are the same. We suggest you call Dave Wittmann Insurance Agency at 920-788-1000 to do an over-the-phone or in-person file review.


Teen Driving Stats